Components That Fit For Communications

Components That Fit For Communications

A number of different high-frequency active and passive components are essential for radar, electronic-warfare (EW), satellite-communications (satcom), and communications systems, including attenuators, filters, terminations, power supplies, and amplifiers, but such components have special requirements, such as the capability to withstand wide temperature ranges and high levels of shock and vibration, especially for space-based use. Metropole Products, Inc. ( has developed both active and passive components for space- and ground-based RF/microwave systems use, such as its model FBV4-1575 space-qualified S-band cavity filter. It can be supplied with a 50-MHz minimum 1-dB bandwidth from 1.2 to 1.6 GHz and 50-dB minimum rejection at 150 MHz from the center of the passband, with only 0.5-dB typical passband loss. This filter can be supplied with SMA connectors as well as other package styles. It handles 20 g’s vibration and a wide operating temperature range.

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