Power Slamming Your Electronic Designs

Dec. 2, 2022
Proganalog's CEO, Roger Beeston, talks about heavy-duty power testing using LoadSlammer technology.

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Testing electronics encompasses many aspects, from the user interface and communication protocols to power delivery and protection. Having the right tools makes a big difference, but knowing what tools are available helps. Progranalog makes a product called the LoadSlammer (see figure). It's designed to take the place of devices like a processor or FPGA to test the power-distribution attributes of the system. 

In the video above, I talked with Roger Beeston, CEO of Progranalog, about the need for LoadSlammer-based testing. We discussed the need for transient load testing and how the LoadSlammer performs this function. 

Setting up a system for testing is usually application-specific, but one of their modules can plug into a test system and then move to another as needed. It can evaluate the robustness of an existing system or be used in the design and testing of new systems.