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Where Do You Utilize Hardware Test Equipment?

Feb. 15, 2023
COVID-19 changed when and where we worked. This also can dictate the type of equipment we have available to us.

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Test equipment like oscilloscopes and digital multimeters are invaluable tools needed for developing new systems and diagnosing problems in existing systems (see figure). Costs can range from a few dollars to tens of thousands, and their size can be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or take up a sizable chunk of a room. 

Many of us also experienced a change in how and where we work due to COVID-19 with a significant number now working remotely either full- or part-time. A laptop or smartphone typically suffices to provide remote communication and access, but often engineers also need access to equipment such as test equipment to do their job. Sometimes this is possible and economical. Other times it's not.

We would like to find out what you might be doing at your job. To do that, we have a quick poll. Select what you do and then you will see the poll results for others who have added their answers. 

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