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Phased-Array Antenna Patterns (Part 1)—Linear-Array Beam Characteristics and Array Factor (.PDF Download)

June 3, 2020

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With the proliferation of digital phased arrays in commercial as well as aerospace and defense applications, there are many engineers working on various aspects of the design who have limited familiarity with phased-array antennas. Phased-array antenna design isn’t new, as the theory has been well developed over decades. Most of the literature, though, is intended for antenna engineers who are proficient with the electromagnetic mathematics.

However, as phased arrays begin to include more mixed-signal and digital content, many engineers could benefit from a much more intuitive explanation of phased-array antenna patterns. As it turns out, many analogies exist between the behavior of phased-array antennas and the discrete time-sampled systems that the mixed-signal and digital engineers work with every day.

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