GaN Presented as Being Competitive with SiC

May 17, 2023
At PCIM, GaN Systems CEO Jim Witham discusses high power density of GaN devices in automotive, data-center, and audio applications.

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GaN Systems showcased its GaN solutions at PCIM Europe 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany, demonstrating advances in power density and efficiency across automotive and other markets. Highlights included the new GaN-based 11-kW/800-V On-Board Charger (OBC) reference design, which has up to a 36% higher power density and 15% lower bill-of-materials cost compared to SiC transistor designs, according to the company.

Additional features include an ac-dc stage peak efficiency of greater than 99% and a dc-dc stage peak efficiency of greater than 98.5%. It combines a three-level flying capacitor topology for a bridgeless totem-pole PFC structure and a dual active bridge. The GaN transistors reduce the transistor voltage stress to half.

GaN Systems also showcased additional automotive OBC, dc-dc, and traction implementations; fast-charging GaN chargers and adapters from Samsung, Dell, Harman, Philips, and Razer; a Wi-Fi speaker from Mark Levinson, founder of Daniel Hertz; data-center power supplies from less than 50 to 100 W/in.3; and innovations in e-mobility, LED lighting, and wireless power transfer. CEO Jim Witham was present and explained several items of interest in this video.

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