A CES 2023 Gadget Gallery

Jan. 9, 2023
Here are some of the more interesting solutions and gadgets we found at the CES 2023.

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CES 2023 was full of product launches, major company announcements, and device innovation that address important application spaces and help address global challenges. CES shattered expected attendance, drawing over 115,000 industry professionals, making it the largest audited global tech event since early 2020. With over 3,200 exhibitors, including 1,000 startups, CES 2023 showcased advanced solutions for applications from transportation and mobility to digital health, sustainability, Web3, metaverse, and beyond.

  • AI Gaming Sync Box Kit Provides Immersive Lighting Entertainment Experience
  • Vehicle Sound Systems to Leverage Multi-Standard SDR Processors
  • AI Edge Box PC Range Powered by the Latest NVIDIA SOMs
  • Wireless OLED TV Uses Rechargeable Batteries
  • Home Energy-Management App Simplifies Energy Measurement and Control
  • MCU Series Leverages CloudWare Software for Display Solutions

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