Ohm Confinement - 2021

July 22, 2021
Dr. Ray Ridley, who has been designing and researching power supplies for over 35 years, returns with his cartoon series that reflects the current climate in our industry.

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"Ohm Confinement" continues on in 2021! Keep checking back as we will post new cartoons here each week. To see the entire series from last year, click here.

Dr. Ray Ridley is president of Ridley Engineering. He has been designing and researching power supplies for over 35 years. He and his wife Denise have come up with a cartoon series, drawn by artist Aya Shaheen, which satires today's current engineering climate.

Ridley Engineering was founded in 1991 in a home-based lab. The organization has grown over the years, but he still spends several days each month in the quiet space of his home lab. At this point, he has experienced many comical situations at home, such as keeping the kids and barking dog quiet while talking to NASA on a conference call. He understands how difficult it is to balance work and home in this new environment in which we all find ourselves homebound. Our cartoon series embraces the adventures, both real and imagined, of the homebound engineer.

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