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Gateworks Offers New Satellite Modem for IoT

Oct. 21, 2019
The GW16130 Mini-PCIe satellite modem radio communicates with one of the 66 satellites that make up the Iridium satellite network.

A Mini-PCIe satellite modem radio developed by Gateworks is designed to fit multiple applications including the Internet of Things (IoT). The GW16130 communicates with one of the 66 satellites that make up the Iridium satellite network. It features a 9603N satellite transceiver module, which allows for short bursts of data packets—340 bytes for uplinks and 270 bytes for downlinks.

The wireless communication operates at frequencies from 1616 to 1626.5 MHz with 1.6-W average output power. Receive sensitivity is a low −117 dBm. The board contains all of the necessary power circuitry as well as a u.fl connector for antenna connections. A subscription or monthly data plan is required for operation; typical rates run about $20 per month. The device is targeted at applications that need to relay data from rural and remote location.

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