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Kit Provides Rapid Upgrades for Radars

Feb. 28, 2019
An upgrade kit brings improved long-term performance to older air-surveillance radar systems.

Upgrade kits such as those offered by Diversified Technologies Inc. (DTI) can often transform the performance of older radar systems. In working with Venetic (Miami, Fla.), the firm recently completed a radar upgrade for the Columbian Air Force using the DTI PowerMod AN-TPS-70 Family Radar Transmitter Upgrade Kits. The kits include modular with solid-state switch and pulse agility from 0 to 8 µs. The kits fully replicate the original radar system’s functions, adding a touchscreen interface, simplified turn-on procedure, and the long 50,000-hour expected lifetime of solid-state electronics.

An upgrade kit brings new life into older air-surveillance radar systems. (Courtesy of Diversified Technologies Inc.)

These upgrade kits replace the thyristor, trigger amplifier, regulator pulse performing networks (PFN), pulse transformer, SF6 tank, and oil tank used in the AN-TPS-43, AN-TPS-70, and AN-TPS-75 family of air-surveillance radars, which are ground-based air-surveillance radar systems They also allow for future expansion through remote-control-board access, high-speed fault detection, and an Ethernet port. 

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