Cobham will provide NASMDEF systems to Leonardo for the NATO JEWCS program. (Courtesy of Cobham plc)

Cobham Backs NATO with Anti-Ship Missile Defense

Feb. 27, 2019
To help fortify the NATO JEWCS program, Cobham will be delivering NASMDEF systems to Leonardo.

Cobham plc will be supplying electronic-warfare (EW) training pods to NATO for the Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff (JEWCS) capability package, as part of a contract to Leonardo. The company will deliver full Air and NATO Anti-Ship Missile Defence Evaluation Facility (NASMDEF) systems. Cobham’s training pods provide EW training through radar and communications jamming as part of threat simulation. The JEWCS and NASMDEF systems enable NATO forces to remain ready to react to current and emerging threats.

Paul Armstrong, senior vice-president and general manager said, “We are delighted to have secured this contract which demonstrates Cobham’s extensive experience delivering EW training and supporting pod technology. We have been developing our latest pods to meet the increasingly sophisticated, ever-changing and future threats faced in contested environments. Cobham is committed to working with Leonardo to provide NATO with the latest generation training and technology solutions to support effective operations with the electronic warfare environment.”

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