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A Brief Insider Look at a Long-Standing Company

Jan. 5, 2019
In this Q&A, Dave George, Chief Technologist and President of Pryme Radio, talks about his company and how the IEEE has positively impacted him.

Can you tell us a little about Pryme Radio?

Almost 30 years ago, Pryme Radio Products originally began as Premier Communications. I’ve been President and Chief Technologist for more than 10 of those years. The Premier name represented our premium-quality customer service and products at affordable price points. Although the company name has since changed, our dedication to customer service and value never has. Pryme’s mission has always been to manufacture the most advanced wired and wireless accessories for professional users of mobile communications.

In addition to spearheading new technologies for a wide range of industries, Pryme is unique in its ability to engineer, build, and test everything we make. We’re also known for customizing communication accessories based on customer feedback. I’m proud to say Pryme’s product innovations have received many awards, and so far, earned 35 patents.

What are some of the markets that the company serves?

Pryme serves many fields, but it has always been close partners with the first responder community—public safety, emergency management, federal, state, local government, and security. These folks are critical to our country’s protection and are the driving force behind Pryme’s business. However, we also serve the transportation, industrial, commercial, education, healthcare, fleet, and field service markets, among others.

Wireless speaker microphones are among the many products offered by Pryme Radio.

Pryme Radio recently credited the IEEE for contributing to its lasting communications achievements. Tell us a little more about that.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (the IEEE) has been one of my primary sources for leading-edge electronic science data, which has helped in the development of many of Pryme’s products. My involvement with IEEE has also inspired future product concepts, such as new communication accessories that support emerging networks like Internet of Things (IoT), mesh, and 5G, as well as intelligent vehicle-to-vehicle communications. IEEE’s mission mirrors my own philosophy of continuing to invent communications technologies that make a difference in people’s work and lives.

You were recently honored with IEEE Life Membership. What does that mean to you?

After many decades of membership, I’m grateful for IEEE’s recognition. But it’s my job to find ways to better the lives and professions of Pryme’s customers through communications—and IEEE has been integral in helping me do that. The fact that technologies have become ever more exotic and exciting is a bonus.

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