Modular Chassis Holds PXI Instruments

Sept. 20, 2016
A rack-mountable chassis supports flexible measurements using interchangeable test-instrument modules.
For those needing high-performance measurement power in a small package, Pickering Interfaces Ltd. came to EDI CON 2016 (Booth 822) with a new two-slot, USB/LXI modular chassis that is suitable for both benchtop and portable test applications. Allowing remote network control via USB or LXI Ethernet interfaces, the compact model 60-104 chassis holds one or two Pickering 3U-high PXI modules. Examples of test capabilities includes as many as 1,104 cross points, 396 channels of multiplexing, or as many as 36 channels of programmable resistor/sensor emulation. The chassis is compliant with the LXI and USB 3 interfaces found on most modern personal computers (PCs) for ease of connection to networks coordinating automatic test systems.

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