The Baby Gigl smart baby-bottle holder provides alerts when feeding bottles are held at incorrect angles, which helps prevent indigestion. (Images courtesy of Slow Control)

Smart Baby-Bottle Holder Helps Prevent Colic

March 25, 2015
The Baby Gigl smart baby-bottle holder provides alerts when feeding bottles are held at incorrect angles, which helps prevent indigestion.

The angle of a baby bottle during feeding is extremely important in preventing colic and fatigue. To address that issue, Slow Control developed the “Baby Gigl” connected baby-bottle holder. The smart feeding bottle not only tracks how much the baby drinks, but provides alerts and keeps a journal to monitor wellbeing.

Through the use of an inclinometer, the bottle holder alerts the user with a sound and light signal when the angle is not correct—too sharp of an angle can cause the baby to spit up, while too low of an angle can result in the child drinking air. The Baby Gigl can also detect and issue an alert when a lump is blocking the nipple and impeding the intake of food.

Watch a video on the Baby Gigl below, curated by Engineering TV:

When another caretaker feeds the baby using the Gigl holder, parents can remotely retrieve the information generated by email or SMS at the end of every meal with its Bluetooth Shield Function. This allows the disabling of Bluetooth signals at-will when the bottle is placed in the holder and prevents signal transmission while in use. Information includes quantity at the beginning/end of feedings, feeding times, the number of lump alerts, the number of wrong angle alerts, and a graph showing all mealtimes that day.

The Baby Gigl holder also includes Baby Journal 3.0, which provides reports and data in a graphical and historical view of all meals per day, week, and month. It facilitates collaboration with other family members using color-coded status updates and can work with other connective devices to track everything from food intake to number of diapers used, number of burps, total time spent sleeping, and even photo galleries.

Slow Control’s Cross-Sharing technology allows parents to organize and centralize collected information from each person involved in the baby’s feeding. This works whether one Baby Gigl is used for all caretakers, or if each has their own holder (marked by a different color). Previously, Slow Control introduced the 10SFork, a connected fork that helps users eat more slowly to control the speed of food intake.

The Baby Gigl is currently being funded through an Indiegogo campaign

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