Seminar Explores Terrain Analysis

July 17, 2013
This two-day seminar provides education on terrain analysis for improving communications systems performance.

Terrain analysis is sometimes related to radio-frequency (RF) issues in communications systems. Fortunately, an engineering seminar set for this coming September 24-25 at the Courtyard Marriot Downtown in Louisville, KY offers insight into how to model different terrain configurations for optimizing communications systems. The seminar is based on the Terrain Analysis Package (TAP™) software from Softwright.

The engineering seminar features two days on designing coverage and path studies for VHF/UHF, paging, land mobile, PCS, cellular, SCADA, microwave, and FM/TV broadcast transmitting facilities. It details how to predict intermodulation (IM) problems, as well as how to overcome them. A number of different mobile and microwave radio system design problems will be used to teach how to apply both the engineering principles and TAP software tools. The seminar costs $1300, but discounts are available.

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