60-GHz CMOS Radio Chip and Phased Antenna Array Streamlines 5G Deployments

March 3, 2022
The phased array antenna module, combined with partner baseband IC, enable next-generation applications with reliable multi-gigabit-per-second wireless connectivity

Pharrowtech launched the PTR1060, presented as the first IEEE 802.11ay-compliant CMOS RF chip for indoor and outdoor wireless use cases that supports the full 57 to 71 GHz bandwidth. Addressing Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) deployments, 5G and WiFi infrastructure backhauling, and next-gen IoT devices, the solution streamlines the design process and reduces total system cost, with an MCU allowing on-chip calibration and customization for specific applications.

The PTM1060 (RFM) phased array antenna module includes the PTR1060, and when combined with Renesas’ RWM6050 baseband, offers ODM/OEMs a ready-to-use 60GHz solution, with the ability to customize the RFM to custom specifications. The RFIC boasts 32 antenna paths with on-chip TRX switch, significantly reducing the antenna footprint and resulting in lower cost RF antenna modules. The chip also has an 802.11ay compliant RF with channel bonding and six full channels between 57 to 71GHz, and a low noise synthesizer to enable up to 64QAM modulation.