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The Ultimate Personal Communication Method Perfected

April 1, 2021
Radios nor other electronics are needed. It’s all literally a state of mind.

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You have probably heard of this before and thought it was just a bunch of malarkey. Or like most, you blew it off as some ESP researcher’s dream. Well, maybe you should reconsider your evaluations considering recent radical new developments in brain science.

Some university researchers have perfected the technique known as mental telepathy. People can now communicate with one another directly from brain to brain. Or, should I say, some people. It apparently works great, but not everyone seems to be able to pull it off. This well-known phenomenon is an amazing communications breakthrough.  

Just What is Mental Telepathy?

Mental telepathy has mostly been deemed as some form of extrasensory perception (ESP) or paranormal capability. You might call ESP pseudo-science in that some claim to have witnessed it or even experienced some form of mental connection to another person to exchange thoughts or even feelings.

It’s not a new thing, as people have made such claims for centuries. Even Mark Twain has claimed to have been receiving messages directly into his head back in the late 1800s. Then there are those who have experienced an alien visit or abduction where all communications took place brain to brain.

Do we believe these people or not? People typically wouldn’t just make it up for some personal recognition. Something was going on mentally and being an unusual experience, it was difficult to understand much less explain. So maybe there’s something to it.

The amount of research carried out on mental telepathy has been massive over the years and just too much to even summarize here. And there are on-going research efforts and significant studies.

Mental telepathy is defined as direct mind-to-mind communications between humans without the use of any of the normal senses. Some who have experienced it call it a sixth sense.

Most recent research seems to center around reading the mind by using noninvasive techniques such as the electroencephalography (EEG) machine that reads electrodes attached to the head of the sender—the person transmitting the thought. The brain waves are captured, studied, and analyzed. Considerable work has been done to interface these waves to a computer so that they can be transmitted over the internet.

To read the waves, a transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) coil is placed on the head of the receiver. In one test, a message originating in India was transmitted to a receiver in France this way. EEG to computer, computer to internet, internet to computer, and computer to TMS coil. The message was sent by a person thinking physical movements using binary 1s and 0s. It was a slow process but deemed successful by the researchers.

Most researchers claim that all humans have the capability to do telepathy. It’s something that can be developed and practiced. It requires training and practice. Some people can do it better than others. It requires relaxation and focus and a true belief that you’re able to do it. It seems the goal is to find a way whereby anyone can use it to communicate. This breakthrough seems to have been achieved. Researchers are reluctant to release all of the details, but those will no doubt eventually emerge.

How to Telepath

Here’s the basic procedure they developed. First, you’re tested to see if you have the capability. Your brainwaves are read and analyzed, and then your brain profile is stored in an international database. There, it can then be read and matched to others. If the profiles have an 80% or better match, then you and others with that profile may be able to communicate.

Next, you must be “paired” with the person you select as a communication buddy. The pairing process must take place person to person, although remote pairing seems to be a possibility. The discoverers of this method are reluctant to reveal exactly what happens face to face. But once the pairing is accomplished, the persons can communicate.

For those with this capability, mental telepathy works great. These people can easily exchange messages of all sorts. Thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations, and mental images can all be communicated. Factors like range, latency, or interference from other thoughts haven’t been fully explored.

However, like in all communication systems, noise from all of those other thoughts in your head are a form of interference. Range doesn’t seem to be a problem as distances of hundreds even thousands of miles have been experienced. Obstacles don’t seem to affect the transmission either.

This all takes place without any radio or other electronic device. It’s purely just brain to brain. However, the mysterious testing and pairing processes do seem to require apparatus. All of that appears to be the researcher’s IP. The money-making process seems to be the testing and pairing.

Obviously more work is needed to see the long-term effects, outcomes, and negative side effects, if any. Volunteers have already been lining up as test subjects. The good thing is that those doing the communicating needn’t wear some head-gear contraption or helmet. And no brain surgery to implant sensors or stimulators is required. Once you’re paired, you’re good to go with that other person.

What are the Implications?

One big question is how that all works out if you’re paired with several others? Can one of your comm buddies talk to your other buddies? What kinds of filters are available, if any, to keeping from mixing messages? How does one distinguish what message is from which person? Or how do you target a message to a specific person? Will too much of that kind of communications cause you to go crazy or what?

And of course, how will it be abused? False messages and suggestions that a person do what he or she doesn’t want to do are examples. However, researchers say that it’s just not possible to get someone do something against your will. In its most highly developed state, perhaps casual conversation may all be mental. This will no doubt require more research and testing. Nonetheless, just knowing that mental telepathy is real and possible is a breakthrough. It seems to be an inherent human capability that we’re still discovering and developing.

Will telepathy replace the smartphone? Not likely in its current state of development. Telepathy is more like mental texting. You can’t watch the movie Casablanca on Netflix or funny animal videos on YouTube. But no telling what future developments will allow.

Think about that.  

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