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Mercury Earns Patent for CAN Cyber Protection

Aug. 24, 2020
A U.S. patent has been awarded to Mercury Systems for techniques that protect controller area networks (CANs) against malicious cyberattacks.

Mercury Systems has earned a U.S. patent covering various methods for protecting controller-area networks (CANs) from malicious cyberattacks. The patent bolsters an already hearty intellectual property (IP) portfolio of more than 80 patents issued to Mercury Systems. The patent relates to a wide range of applications using CAN-based systems, such as electronic control units (ECU) in automotive electronics or avionics systems. Cyberattacks on the electronic systems for avionics and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) automotive equipment can put drivers and passengers at risk. Mercury’s broadcast bus frame filter protects ECUs against hacking attempts with zero latency and can be used with any system with a CAN bus, including automotive, commercial, industrial, and military systems.

“The patent award, combined with our recently announced Cogswell award for security program management, affirms our continued commitment to designing uncompromised solutions in the face of growing cybersecurity threats and delivering Innovation that Matters to our customers,” said Brian Perry, senior vice-president and general manager of processing at Mercury Systems. “This new patent also expands what we believe are the industry’s most advanced embedded systems security engineering and cyber resiliency capabilities.” Mercury Systems, which has been a long-time supplier of electronic equipment for military customers, is attempting to bridge the gap between commercial technology and defense/aerospace applications to meet current and emerging needs. 

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