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Digital Circuit Breaker Gains UL Approval

May 13, 2020
Atom Power's latest digital circuit breaker has gained UL listing under UL 489I

The second generation of Atom Power's Atom Switch is now UL Listed to UL 489I, the standard listing for solid-state circuit breakers. The next generation of Atom Power’s technology contains the company’s own proprietary Silicon Carbide (SiC) power modules, which doubles the performance as compared to the Generation 1 Atom Switch. The SiC Power Modules (models SWXFT100CPM and SWXFT50CPM) are UL Recognized to UL 1557.

Atom Power’s intelligent product suite includes its digital circuit breakers (Atom Switches), distribution panels (Atom Panels), and software (Atom OS), enabling circuit interruption capabilities up to 150,000 A. A single Atom Switch replaces the need for more than 100 products used in commercial power today and mitigates explosions from electrical faults.

Atom Power,

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