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Multi-Radio Mezzanine Cards Handle Multiple Access Points

Jan. 2, 2020
Equipped with an Octeon Tx SoC, these SBCs can support up to 24 Mini-PCe-based radios.

The Gateworks Newport GW640x and GW630x are single-board computers (SBCs) designed to implement multiple radio access points. The boards can support three Mini-PCIe radios individually and up to 21 additional Mini-PCIe-based radios via a PCIe expansion connector. This is also made possible thanks to the integrated Octeon Tx SoC, which features an ARMv8 core that’s capable of processing up to 11 million packets per second.

Applications that can benefit from its use include dual-band Wi-Fi with additional frequency band support, Wi-Fi monitor and sniffer applications covering simultaneous channels, mesh networks, and other networks that integrate several wireless technologies.