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Complete Filter Design with Discrete Elements Made Easy (.PDF Download)

Feb. 12, 2019
Complete Filter Design with Discrete Elements Made Easy (.PDF Download)

n an era of a myriad of design tools developed to “save” the filter designer time and effort, it’s exactly time and effort that may be lost due to learning curves, cumbersome workflows, and limitations of the design process itself. Powerful design tools may thus be rendered effectively useless by any one of these problems.

For example, a tool that provides powerful synthesis may fall short when the output fails to be in a realizable form, or when users find the design process too cumbersome to waste time on. Furthermore, at higher frequencies, parasitic effects become increasingly difficult to manage, and countless hours may be wasted in the hardware lab if inadequate software is used.

Fortunately, design tools do exist that overcome these limitations. Specifically, Nuhertz Technologies offers FilterSolutions, which applies the best-suited manufacturer or internal parts model automatically selected from a user-customizable database, such as the NI AWR software device library, Dassault Systèmes’ CST Studio Suite device library, or the Modelithics CLR Library within the NI AWR Design Environment platform.