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MATLAB Library Simulates 6G Technology

June 14, 2024
MathWorks' MATLAB gets a 6G library to help simulate advanced communications.
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MathWorks' MATLAB was used extensively to design 5G systems, and now it's doing the same with the emerging 6G standard. The MATLAB 6G Exploration Library is a new addition to MATLAB to model and simulate test candidate 6G technologies. It can be used for all design aspects from 6G PHY design to channel and RF models. 

The library provides support to generate waveforms with parameters extending beyond the limits of the 5G NR  specifications. It can be used to evaluate link performance in the 7- to 20-GHz, mmWave, and sub-terahertz ranges. Another possibility is modeling reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS). MATLAB artificial intelligence (AI) can be brought to bear to enhance 6G implementations. 

Simulation of 6G links will be high on a developer's list of tools. Simulation of transmitter operations, channel models, RF impairments, and reference receiver algorithms can be very useful. The library can also be utilized to enumerate metrics such as throughput and error vector magnitude (EVM).

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