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CATV Companies Expanding to Wi-Fi, Expecting 250,000 More Hotspots

June 24, 2013
The CATV industry is fully embracing Wi-Fi efforts to extend broadband services and bring free access to the public.

A new report predicts that cable-television (CATV) operators will spend over $350 million on 250,000 cable Wi-Fi hotspots by mid-2014, in their efforts to make Wi-Fi a part of the CATV business plan.

Companies including Alcatel-Lucent, Arris Group, Cisco Systems, Ericsson AB, Ruckus Wireless, and WeFi have recognized the opportunity to provide wireless access and extend broadband services to retain subscribers, as well as providing free, public Wi-Fi hotspots. Aided by HotSpot 2.0 roaming initiatives, CATV companies are also enabling cross-territory roaming. A speculative mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) phone service with Verizon is potentially in the works.

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