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300-W Transistor Fits in Plastic Pack

May 20, 2016
Vacuum tubes have long been associated with heating in microwave ovens, but RF/microwave companies involved with the RF Energy Alliance...
Vacuum tubes have long been associated with heating in microwave ovens, but RF/microwave companies involved with the RF Energy Alliance seek to make a solid-state change in microwave ovens and other heating systems in the 2.45-GHz range of the Industrial-Scientific-Medical (ISM) frequency range. One of the companies seeking to make an impact on industrial heating is MACOM at IMS Booth No. 939 with its new MAGe-102425-300, a GaN-on-silicon power transistor in a plastic package. Suited for commercial RF energy applications, the high-power transistor provides 300 W output power at 2.45 GHz, with 18 dB gain and 70% efficiency. The device, which is designed for use with a +50-V dc supply, is based on MACOM’s Gen4 GaN semiconductor technology. It is designed to overcome the power efficiency and power density limitations of silicon LDMOS power transistors at a competitive price, and provide a building block for next-generation, energy-efficient solid-state microwave ovens.

According to Mark Murphy, senior director of marketing at MACOM, “The MAGe-102425-300 sets a new price and performance benchmark for RF power devices, affirms MACOM’s GaN technology and application expertise, and signals a clear inflection point in the evolution toward mainstream RF energy adoption.” To learn more about the transistor, plastic packaging, and the RF Energy Alliance, and to see the model MAGe-102425-300 in a demonstration, visit IMS Booth No. 939 from May 24-26, 2016.


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