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Schottky Detector Scours 0.6 to 15.0 GHz

April 23, 2015
A Schottky diode power detector offers a wide dynamic range from 600 MHz to 15 GHz.

Model LTC5564H is a Schottky diode peak-power detector that can measure signal-power levels from -24 to +16 dBm across a frequency range of 0.6 to 15.0 GHz. Suitable for measuring fast radar pulses as well as cellular communications signals, the detector has a detection response time of 7 ns. It features an on-chip latchable comparator and a 75-MHz demodulation bandwidth. It is available in several versions, with an “H” version working over an operating temperature range of -40° C to +125° C and an industrial-grade device designed for operating temperatures from -40° C to +105° C . The detector operates from a single +3.3- or +5.0-VDC supply and draws typical current of 44 mA. It is supplied in a compact 3 mm × 3 mm 16-pin plastic QFN package. P&A: $3.44; stock.

Linear Technology Corp., 1630 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035-7417; (408) 432-1900, FAX: (408) 434-0507

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