Model CMD163 is an LNA chip capable of 24-dB typical gain and 1.3-dB typical noise figure from 17 to 27 GHz.

GaAs Low-Noise Amp Boosts 17 to 27 GHz

March 6, 2015
This low-power LNA chip is capable of 24-dB gain and 1.3-dB typical noise figure from 17 to 27 GHz.

Some military and space applications require fairly broadband performance, but at higher frequencies. Luckily, the model CMD163 low-noise-amplifier (LNA) chip from Custom MMIC is well suited for applications from 17 to 27 GHz. The amplifier is fabricated in gallium-arsenide (GaAs) semiconductor technology and employs an all-positive bias scheme for simplicity of installation and operation. The all-positive bias scheme eliminates the need for negative voltage supplies and costly sequencing circuitry to power the amplifier.

The compact model CMD163 LNA chip achieves a noise figure of better than 1.3 dB with typical gain of 24 dB from 17 to 27 GHz. It achieves an output 1-dB compression point of +19 dBm across the full bandwidth. The typical input return loss is 10 dB, while the typical output return loss is 20 dB across the full bandwidth. The robust amplifier is designed to handle maximum input power levels to +20 dBm. It is internally matched to 50 Ω and does not require external components other than bypass capacitors.

The LNA die is also well suited for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint commercial communications systems where small size and high linearity are needed. The bias requirements are 120 mA at a drain voltage (Vdd) of +4 VDC and a gate voltage (Vgg) of +3 VDC. The LNA is also available in packaged form as model CMD163C4.

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