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GaN Galore At The 2014 IMS

May 20, 2014
Numerous examples of the latest GaN RF/microwave transistors and integrated circuits (ICs) will be on display in the 2014 IMS exhibition hall.

Interest in gallium-nitride (GaN) solid-state devices has grown in recent years, especially as the capabilities of this semiconductor substrate continue to expand. One of the firms making major contributions to GaN technology, MACOM, plans to offer numerous examples of its GaN achievements at the upcoming International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2014), including RF/microwave devices in plastic housings capable of output-power levels to 100 W and high-frequency devices in ceramic packages that reach beyond 1000 W output power. At the 2014 IMS, MACOM plans numerous demonstrations of its GaN technology at booth 915, including the operation of a broadband GaN-on-silicon power amplifier with reasonable output power from 30 to 2500 MHz.

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