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GaN Discrete Transistor Fully Qualified

June 3, 2013
The NPT1015 gallium nitride, GaN, discrete transistor has been fully qualified by Nitronex with low thermal resistance for diverse applications.

The NPT1015 gallium nitride (GaN) discrete transistor has been fully qualified for 50 W output power from DC to 2.5 GHz with 12-dB saturated gain and 60% peak drain efficiency at 2.5 GHz when operating from a +28-VDC supply.

Nitronex, the designer and manufacturer of GaN-based RF solutions for defense, communications, and cable-television (CATV) applications, also qualified the NPT1015 with a thermal resistance of 2.1°C/W, said to be the lowest in its power class.

THE NPT1015 leverages the company’s existing +28-VDC NRF1 process platform and was tested for unit-to-unit consistency. Devices from multiple wafers were mounted in a 50-Ohm test circuit tuned for CW operation at 2.5 GHz and subjected to a 15.0:1 VSWR at all phase angles.

Nitronex’s patented SIGANTIC® GaN-on-Si process uses industry-standard 4-in. silicon substrate wafers resulting in a scalable supply chain and for applications in diverse markets such as military communications, RADAR, commercial wireless, and point-to-point microwave communications.

The NPT1015 transistor is available now, with more information available at

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