50-V GaN HEMTs Aim At Cell Networks

March 27, 2013
A line of 50-Ω impedance-matched power transistors has been developed for high-efficiency at cellular communications frequencies when operating from 50-V supplies.

Showing off its high-voltage GaN high-electron-mobility-transistor (HEMT) devices at next week’s WAMICON 2013 exhibition, Cree RF hopes to build momentum for its 50-V power transistors introduced late last year. Ideal for power amplifiers in cellular communications networks, these 100- and 200-W power transistors promise not only to achieve required output power and linearity levels at cellular frequencies, but to do so with less consumed power competing power semiconductor technologies, thanks to the high efficiency of the GaN device process. The internally impedance-matched devices are available for use at frequencies from 1800 to 2200 MHz and 2500 to 2700 MHz.