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Dual Directional Couplers Hit 2.5 GHz

May 28, 2015
This pair of dual directional couplers handles as much as 200 W CW power from 500 to 2500 MHz.

A pair of low-loss surface-mount dual directional couplers provides generous power-handling capabilities from 500 to 2500 MHz. These unique couplers provide separate coupled ports for both forward and reflected signals using internal terminations. Model IPP-8057 handles 50 W CW input power across the full frequency range. It exhibits 33-dB coupling which is maintained within ±1.5 dB across the operating frequency range. The dual directional coupler suffers insertion loss of less than 0.25 dB with maximum VSWR of 1.25:1. The minimum directivity is better than 20 dB. The surface-mount coupler measures 0.50 × 1.00 in.

The higher-power dual directional coupler, model IPP-8041, handles 200 W CW input power from 500 to 2500 MHz. The component offers minimum directivity of 20 dB across the 2-GHz bandwidth. It provides 36-dB coupling with better than 0.75-dB coupling flatness. It suffers insertion loss of less than 0.25 dB and maximum VSWR of 1.25:1. The compact directional coupler measures just 1.00 × 1.50 in. in its surface-mount housing. Both couplers can be provided in volume quantities in tape-and-reel format. P&A: stock to 5 wks.

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