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Web Tool Helps Build Coaxial Cables

June 30, 2015
An online web tool simplifies the creation of coaxial cable assemblies.

Coaxial cable assemblies usually require specific connectors at either end, along with a particular type of cable (e.g., one of the flexible or semi-rigid variety). But just as importantly, a cable assembly must meet a set of performance requirements, including minimal loss for a given frequency range. While most cable/connector suppliers provide full test results with an order, the latest on-line software tool from Pasternack Enterprises—Cable Assembly Designer—allows cable assembly specifiers to experiment with different combinations of cables and connectors (and quickly view the performance results for each combination). Pasternack supplies more than 1,300 different connector types and 115 varieties of coaxial cables for more than 250,000 different potential combinations.

Cable Assembly Designer provides a work screen with simple, three-step instructions and three columns for the two connectors and the cable. For the connector columns, users can select connector type, connector body (such as a straight or right-angle connector), gender, polarity, impedance, and even the connector-to-cable attachment method (like a crimp/solder attachment). For the cable column, users can choose cable type, maximum frequency, maximum loss per 100 ft. of cable at 1 GHz, impedance, number of shields, the minimum bend radius, and whether or not the cable is RoHS-compliant. An assembly screen shows pictures of each connector along with options for a cable assembly, including an optional heat shrink, lead-free solder, and even custom labeling.

The selection screen ensures that all the parameters needed to meet the performance requirements for a cable assembly have been entered, including the desired length and number of assemblies. The tool sends a request for quote (RFQ) to Pasternack’s sales and service team for rapid response on pricing, availability, and a part number for the cable assembly. The RF Cable Assembly Designer is available here.

Pasternack Enterprises, Inc., 17802 Fitch, Irvine, CA 92614; (866) 727-8376, (949) 261-1920,  FAX: (949) 261-7451

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