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Compact Antennas are Almost Invisible

June 2, 2015
A line of compact antennas works with signals from 71 to 86 GHz.

The InvisiLine small-form antenna (SFA) product family is designed to provide high-frequency coverage while blending with their surroundings. As an example, model SFA04-W800 is an E-band antenna developed for 80-GHz application. Its light weight and low profile make is ideal for small-cell, front-haul, and backhaul communications applications. The antenna provides a beamwidth of about 2 deg. at 80 GHz and meets ETSI Class-3 requirements. The antenna, which operates from 71 to 86 GHz, has a 0.5-ft. (166-mm) radome diameter, enabling it to be unobtrusive in almost any surroundings. It weighs just 11 lbs. (5 kg) and is relatively easy to install. Once mounted, it can withstand winds to 320 km/h (nearly 200 mph).

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