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Mixer Translates 16 To 26 GHz

April 28, 2014
A broadband mixer provides downconversion of signals from 16 to 26 GHz.

Model CMD179 is a fundamental-frequency, double-balanced GaAs mixer in die form for applications from 16 to 26 GHz. It features an intermediate-frequency (IF) bandwidth of 8 GHz and isolation from local oscillator (LO) to RF ports of better than 40 dB. The mixer operates with LO drive levels as low as +9 dBm and achieves an input third-order-intercept (IP3) point of +18 dBm. The mixer, supplied in die form measuring just 0.9 × 0.9 mm, can be linked in pairs to form image-reject mixers or single-sideband modulators. The component is well suited for applications in point-to-point radios and in microwave test equipment.

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