Seven-Way Divider Is Space Qualified

Feb. 25, 2013
This miniature seven-way power divider maintains tight amplitude and phase balance from 620 to 820 MHz.

TRM Microwave’s model DL7700 is a space-qualified, low-profile seven-way power divider designed for use from 620 to 820 MHz. With total insertion loss of 2.3 dB, the power divider achieves maximum amplitude balance of ±0.5 dB with phase balance between output ports of ±5 deg. The maximum input/output VSWR is 1.50:1 while the minimum output isolation is 16 dB. The power divider, which is based on a combination of ferrite and microstrip technologies in a hermetically sealed flatpack housing, measures just 1.0 x 1.0 x 0.170 in. and can handle input power levels to 1 W. It is rated to withstand random vibration to 53.8 g’s RMS and has an operating temperature range of -75 to +85°C.

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