This dual ADC card operates with 12-b resolution at sampling rates to 4 GSamples/s.

Dual ADC Tackles Radar and SIGINT

April 17, 2015
This dual ADC card operates with 12-b resolution at sampling rates to 4 GSamples/s.

With a bandwidth and sampling rate well suited to secure and commercial communications—in addition to numerous aerospace/defense applications—model FMC226 is a dual analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that offers high 12-b resolution in a compact module capable of a 4 GSamples/s sampling rate. It is capable of supporting an output bandwidth as wide as 800 MHz at four times the decimation rate. It includes a bypass mode to achieve the full Nyquist output bandwidth.

The compact field-programmable-gate-array (FPGA) mezzanine card (FMC) measures just 2.71 × 3.01 in. It plugs into any VITA 57 compliant circuit board. The analog input, clock input and trigger inputs of the FMC226 are routed via SSMC connectors. The ADC includes an internal clock, which is programmable, and can be locked to an external reference source as well.

This dual ADC employs a wideband phase-lock loop for stable low-noise performance. It is built for operating temperatures from -5 to +55°C and is designed to meet Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Conformite European (CE), and Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL) certifications.

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