X-Band Radar System Searches for Drones

The SharpEye SxVThe SharpEye SxV is a solid-state X-band radar used with a compact antenna on a single mast with 360-deg. coverage for detection of drones and UAVs.


Drone detection is a growing requirement for both military and civilian authorities. Fortunately, radar technology continues to advance, and the SharpEye SxV radar and Single Mast Solution (SMS) system from Kelvin Hughes provide the capability to detect and monitor drone and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from significant distances, even amidst clutter (see photo). The solid-state, X-band radar system is a lightweight and self-contained, weighing less than 20 kg for ease of relocation to remote sites. It provides advanced Doppler radar techniques to reliably detect even distant targets with small radar cross section (RCS).

The SharpEye SxV is simple to install, with a single mast for the antenna radome and only one coaxial cable connection. The system’s radome houses an antenna capable of 360-deg. coverage, as well as a GPS receiver for precise location data. The radome is environmentally sealed to IP67 requirements and is operational in rainfall, as well as over broad temperature ranges.

The X-band radar system detects drones day or night, under all weather conditions. It can be teamed with electro-optical camera sensors for complete surveillance of a large coverage area for drone and UAV activity. The company’s CxEye control and display software integrates command of different types of sensors for coordinated surveillance.

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