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Wireless Recorders Speed Russian Civil Modernization

Wireless flight data recorders such as these are being used to modernize a civilian fleet of Boeing-based Russian aircraft.

Miniature quick access recorders (miniQARs) from GE Aviation will help Utair Aviation meet flight-data-collection requirements from the State Civil Authority of Russia (SCAA). The miniQARs (see figure) will be supplied by Avionica LLC, a joint venture with GE Aviation.

The digital flight recorders will be delivered for installation in Utair Aviation’s fleet of 45 Boeing 737 and 767 civilian aircraft. “The wireless QAR will help Utair to streamline their processes, reduce workload for their maintenance and engineering teams, while increasing the amount of usable data available,” says John Mansfield, chief digital officer for GE Aviation.


The miniQAR flight data recorders provide solid-state reliability with more than 400-hr. recording capability in compact housings. (Courtesy of Avionica LLC)

The selection of these flight data recorders was made after a feasibility study. “The benefits of the miniQAR are clear,” says Andrey Semenov, operations director for Utair. “Lower cost of ownership, immediate data available for flight analytics, safety programs, and maintenance troubleshooting are among the top advantages of installing the miniQAR.” 

The wireless QARs require minimal setup and can be transitioned to new aircraft if required.  More than 9,000 of Avionica’s QARs have been delivered around the world, with Supplemental Type Certification (STC) earned on more than 300 models of air transport, business, and general aviation aircraft. Raul Segredo, president of Avionica LLC, says, “We are proud to provide Utair the market-defining analytical tools fed with the lightest wireless aircraft data-collection avionics.”

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