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Wireless Charging Graduates To Tabletop

Wireless Charging Graduates To Tabletop

Successful and easy wireless charging has been a goal for wireless devices for some time. Although multiple groups are looking to standardize such charging, the Qi standard—the industry incumbent—is so far making the most headway. Qi technology is already integrated into a variety of mobile devices, power accessories, wireless charging furniture, consumer electronics, and charging locations. The latest product based on the Qi standard is the C+P Furniture Systems Cegano Smart Table, which integrates Qi technology via compatible modules directly placed into the tabletop.

This “smart table” builds Qi-compatible modules directly into the tabletop material, which includes glass, corian, and wood veneers. To charge a Qi-compatible device, a user simply places it on the table. For those smartphones that do not yet have the Qi technology integrated into the device, the table is fitted with adaptor systems.

In addition to the Cegano Smart Table, C+P recently announced the Prefino locker system. It allows users to charge their Qi-enabled mobile devices wirelessly when placed in the charging area. Qi-compatible devices also include the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC Droid DNA, Nokia Lumia 925, Google Nexus 4, and cars like the Toyota Prius and Jeep Cherokee. Companies including Nokia, Panasonic, Texas Instruments, Samsung, Sony, Verizon Wireless, and Research in Motion have also backed Qi technology. For more information, visit

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