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Surge Protection Reaches 6 GHz

NexTek, Inc., perhaps best known for its lightning-protection and power-conditioning units, has developed the E-Class Series of surge protectors for applications through 6 GHz. The units provide bidirectional protection and are characterized by passing DC without any performance degradation. The compact SurgeGuard lightning arrestors are designed to meet the demands of high-frequency applications such as public-safety radios, WiMAX, MMDS, and HiperLAN through 6 GHz. The protectors are based on a gas discharge tube design packaged in two small geometry form factors. The two variations are available with SMA or Type N connectors for delivering as much as 30 W (+48 dBm) RF power and through current of 5 and 10 A, respectively.

NexTek, Inc. (

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