Small Cell Network to Expand Coverage for Growing Data Demands

A small cellular network is currently being constructed in for a high-profile, urban “A” residential and retail area of Northern Virginia to expand coverage and meet data demands.

EdgeConneX, a provider of Infrastructure as a Service solutions, announced the construction on the heels of their deployment of a “rural” small cell network throughout Vermont, an example of real estate developer and municipalities leveraging the technology of the ever-expanding cellular network coverage.

EdgeConneX serves to design, construct, and manage the networks to improve communication capabilities throughout the country. Increased small cell networks are constructed with low-powered radio access nodes and are strategically placed to help meet the demand for increased mobile video and data traffic. Combined with the wide range of air interfaces, including GSM and LTE, the reach capability of both 3G and 4G networks are enhanced by these small cell networks. These networks also expand coverage to traditionally hard-to-reach areas, such as high-rise buildings and mountainous regions.

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