SDR Platform Aids Wireless/Telecom Radio Developers

Developers of wireless software-defined-radio (SDR) communications systems now have a powerful new tool: the SMT8090 development platform from Sundance DSP (Reno, NV). The development platform combines high-end digital signal processors (DSPs), field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), and high-throughput data converters in a single, compact, integrated environment. The platform includes two daughter cards that are linked via a carrier board for PCI connectivity. For signal processing and reconfigurable processing, the system integrates two floating-point TMS320C6713 DSPs from Texas Instruments (Dallas, TX) running at 225 MHz in a well-balanced architecture with a Virtex-II Pro FPGA from Xilinx that contains two 400-MHz PowerPC microprocessor cores from IBM (Yorktown Heights, NY) and eight 3.125-Gb/s full-duplex serial transceivers. The DSPs are supported by 256 MB of SDRAM while the FPGA is aided by128 MB of SDRAM. According to Dr. Nory Nakhaee, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sundance, "the SMT 8090 helps wireless and telecommunications systems designers reduce their development and time window by allowing them to immediately and rapidly test their 3G wireless designs without fumbling through long learning curves."

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