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Report Predicts Miniaturization of Military Satellite Systems

Miniaturization is a general trend in current commercial and military electronic system design, and that trend is expected to continue with military satellites around the world—at least, according to the London-based research firm Visiongain.

The firm’s latest market research collection, the 255-page “Military Satellite Market Report: 2016-2026,” covers the many different facets of military satellite technology, including satellite communications (satcom) systems; missile early-warning systems; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems; payloads and communications terminals; launch services such as ground-control infrastructure; and anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons systems.

The report notes that the military satellite market will be worth $14.37 billion USD in 2016 due to several major contracts in the Unites States, Israel, and Russia, as well as continuing satellite fleet modernization in China and India.

Strong and growing military demand for information, and the bandwidth it requires to communicate, is expected to drive the military satellite market over the next decade. This need for bandwidth is so great, according to the report, that military data is increasingly being transmitted over commercial satellites: about 80% of U.S. military data is currently transmitted by way of commercial satellite systems. This stresses the need to modernize and increase military satcom bandwidth, since the current military satellite infrastructure cannot support future or even present needs for information bandwidth.

The report calls for a reduction in U.S. spending during the first three years of the decade, as a general tightening in the nation’s military spending takes place, along with increased integration with a growing civilian satellite industry. The report also points out a trend in ever-smaller platforms, including microsatellites, as a result of military budgetary limitations in the U.S., accompanied by increased spending on military satellites by smaller nations. The overall global market for military satellites is expected to grow strongly as smaller national markets expand.

This highly focused market research report covers all the leading industrial players in satellite technology, include such major contractors as Boeing, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Northrop Grumman Corp., Raytheon Co., and ViaSat. It includes almost 300 tables, charts, and graphs to clearly detail projections and trends, backed by analysis of major satellite contracts from the past five years.

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