Rack-Mount Amps Reach 1 kW at 1 GHz

A trio of rack-mount power amplifiers provides as much as 1-kW output power through 1 GHz.

For 2013 IMS visitors in need of high RF power, representatives of Empower RF Systems at booth No. 1827 will be demonstrating three 1-kW, rack-mount amplifiers. The broadest-frequency unit, model 2162, spans 20 to 1000 MHz in a 5U-high, rack-mount, air-cooled chassis. It can be used for continuous-wave (CW), modulated, and pulsed applications across that frequency range and is driven by high-power silicon lateral diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor (LDMOS) power transistors. It offers at least 60-dB gain at 1-dB compression (and a 20-dB voltage-variable gain-control range) with maximum noise figure of 20 dB. The typical third-order intercept point is +64 dBm. The additional 1-kW, rack-mount amplifiers are designed for frequency ranges of 20 to 500 MHz and 500 to 1000 MHz.

Editor's Note: For more show coverage, be sure to visit Microwaves & RF's IMS 2013 page.

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