Notebook Computers Aid Army Medical Efforts

Notebook Computers Aid Army Medical Efforts

Getac's S410 computerThe Getac S410 notebook computer is used by the U.S. Army’s MC4 organization to manage medical data for active and retired personnel. It provides high security, boots up quickly, and can run continuously in the field by hot-swapping batteries. (Courtesy of Getac)


Proper medical treatment depends on accurate record keeping, and the U.S. Army is counting on the performance of a particularly rugged notebook computer to keep track of its soldier’s medical records throughout each career and through retirement. By placing an order for 3750 model S410 semi-rugged notebook computers from Getac, the Army Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) product management team has placed its long-term trust in these robust notebook computers for maintaining reliable medical records for active and retired Army personnel.

The S410 computer (see photo) is designed for mission-critical operation, using an Intel Skylake Core i7 microprocessor and sophisticated security protection. The computer features a hot-swappable battery design with primary and secondary batteries that allows for swapping replacement (recharged) batteries without losing power.

The Army’s MC4 medical organization is tasked with recording and transferring critical medical data from the field to medical treatment facilities around the world. The computers will be used to help digitally capture medical treatment data in operational environments, enhance continuity of care, and enable a comprehensive lifelong electronic health record for Service members.

Getac has been a long-time provider of goods and services to MC4, establishing a trusted relationship with a 2014 contract that initially provided 7,000 earlier model S400 rugged notebook computers. “MC4’s responsibility for creating, maintaining, and updating Service members’ medical records throughout their military careers and beyond is a true representation of the phrase ‘mission critical,’” said  Scott Shainman, president of Getac. “We are both pleased and honored to provide MC4 with the technology needed to accomplish their goals as well as continue to be a trusted advisor. The S410 semi-rugged notebook was customized and configured to meet all their specific needs.”

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