New Phased Array Technology, BeamDirect™, is Announced

New Phased Array Technology, BeamDirect™, is Announced

A new phased array technology, BeamDirect™, to be used for both commercial and military applications has been announced by Tahoe RF Semiconductor. BeamDirect™ helps to improve the bandwidth and sensitivity of phased array radio systems and helps facilitate fine beam steering angle resolutions.

It has also been implemented as a single chip solution in standard CMOS IC processes, delivering more flexibility as well as making improvements in size, weight and power (SWaP) from similar versions.

BeamDirect™ can be applied in a variety of different situations. In point-to-point communication links, BeamDirect™ keeps the links active when radios get misaligned due to external problems, such as inclement weather. Similarly, with satellite communication links BeamDirect™ helps maintain directionality of electronically received signals without requiring manual alignment. It can also be used for navigation systems, satellite TV receivers, and signal intelligence systems.

More information about Tahoe RF Semiconductor can be found at

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