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Network-in-a-Box Meets Software to Extend Tactical C4

Network-in-a-Box Meets Software to Extend Tactical C4

Tactical military radios consistently face constraints for even basic voice and low-data-rate communications. Hoping to break those chains, researchers at the University Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) and Chemring Technology Solutions developed a new solution that combines a portable “network-in-a-box” with a defense software application. The combination bolsters C4 (command, control, communication, and coordination) capabilities for tactical operations, ultimately bringing coverage to areas where it’s typically unreliable or nonexistent.

UPNM's tactical communications operations management system (TACCOMS) generates a search grid that optimizes the deployment of tactical resources within land, sea, or air scenarios. The integration of SmartLink, developed by Chemring, gives the tactical team leader complete control via a self-contained, secure communications network. SmartLink delivers high-end cellular network features, enabling the sharing of voice, image, and video to teams on the ground and in command centers.

SmartLink can be deployed in less than three minutes to deliver a wide area cellular network. Its small form factor helps soldiers carry less weight while maintaining push-to-talk (PTT) communications and sharing real-time location, video, and image data. SmartLink implements UMTS 3G HSPA communications, and is AES-256-encrypted over a VPN. 

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