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Low-Power PolarFire FPGA Targets Imaging, Video

Equipped for 2K to 4K imaging and video processing, Microsemi's FPGA i claimed to cut power consumption in half.


Microsemi’s (a subsidiary of Microchip) PolarFire FPGA handles up to 4K imaging solutions in a small footprint, ultra-low-power form factor. Targeted toward mid-bandwidth (2K to 4K) imaging and video processing, the new device boasts 50% lower power consumption than other devices in its class, making it well-suited for automotive, medical, aerospace, and industrial applications.

Also available is a development kit—the MPF300-VIDEO-KIT—that comes with a free one-year gold license for Microchip’s Libero SoC Design Suite. The kit is optimized for the evaluation of multiple imaging protocols and for experimentation with video and techniques like picture-in-picture (PiP), edge detection, and stereo video.

The MPF300-VIDEO-KIT development board boasts 4-GB DDR4 RAM, 1 GB of flash memory, and numerous industry standard interfaces, including MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface), HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), DSI (Display Serial Interface), and SDI (Serial Digital Interface). Schematics, example code, guides, and sample code are all included part of the mature PolarFire ecosystem.

For a complete list of features, specs, or to order chips, go to the PolarFire overview page at To get a PolarFire development kit, visit

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