Ku-Band Carries Asian Services

SES SA is adding to its satellite-communications coverage through the addition of another spacecraft from Boeing.  

Southeast Asia is an area of large economic opportunity, and at least one communications services provider wants to take advantage of the opportunity. SES SA recently contracted aerospace specialist Boeing for a new satellite for direct-to-home communications services. Called the SES-9, the satellite will also provide maritime communications in the Indian Ocean.

The Ku-band 702 satellite will incorporate 57 high-power transponders and is designed to operate for 15 years in geosynchronous orbit with a 12.-7-kW payload. The satellite system, the 11th such system ordered by SES from Boeing, features a xenon-ion propulsion system and chemical bi-propellant systems. It will be co-located with SES’ existing satellites and positioned at 180.2 deg. east longitude to provide add-on capacity.

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