IR light

IR Light Source Serves Security Systems

IR technology is gaining in importance as RF/microwave bandwidth continues to be consumed by different applications.

Interest grows in parts of the spectrum, such as infrared (IR) as radio-frequency bandwidth continues to be consumed by many different applications. Excelitas Technologies Corp. is one of the companies exploring the potential of IR technology for security purposes with their new Cermax IR, an IR-emitting light source. It enables very long ranges and emissions compared to other IR sources, with an output level that can be customized for specific application requirements.

The Cermax IR IR-emitting light source serves a wide range of security and other applications, producing higher IR light levels than most IR sources. (Courtesy of Excelitas Technologies Corp.)

The IR source is designed for domestic security, environmental monitoring and gas detection (e.g., for refineries and chemical processing plants), border control applications, and semiconductor wafer defect detection. “The Cermax IR Series offers the advantage of creating a very broad array of spectral outputs since each of the fill gases and their ratios have a unique IR fingerprint,” said James Clements, product manager at Excelitas. “This allows OEMs and design engineers the ability to tailor their product design to a specific set of performance characteristics, with unprecedented IR emitting flexibility.”

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