Downconverter Translates Dual Bands to 12.75 GHz

Dual-band downconverter model MFC146 translates frequency bands of 10.7 to 11.7 GHz and 11.70 to 12.75 GHz with low noise figure and low phase noise. Supplied in a compact, rugged, low-profile enclosure, the Ku-band downconverter suits very-small-aperture-terminal (VSAT) satellite-communications (satcom) applications such as in-flight entertainment systems and unmanned-aerial-vehicle (UAV) communications. It delivers intermediate-frequency (IF) bands of 950 to 1950 MHz for the 10.7- to 11.7-GHz band and 1100 to 1250 MHz for the 11.70- to 12.75-GHz band. Noise figure is typically around 9 dB and no worse than 13.5 dB, while phase noise is no worse than –95 dBc/Hz. Spurious performance is better than –90 dBc while group-delay variations are ±1 ns. The downconverter, which includes digital band selection and built-in-test-equipment (BITE) circuitry, runs on +7.5 and ±12 V dc; a 10-MHz external reference is required.

TRAK Microwave, (888) 901-7200, (813) 901-7200, FAX: (813) 901-7491

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