Backhaul Links Work At E-Band

These high-data-rate communication links operate at E-band frequencies from 70 to 80 GHz.

Millimeter-wave technology for small-cell backhaul links appears promising, at least based on the triple-digit growth of one supplier. In 2012, Siklu Communication sold more than 5000 of its EtherHaul E-band millimeter-wave backhaul links, earning a number of contracts with cellular-communications service providers and system operators. The firm now has more than 7000 of its carrier-grade radio systems deployed. EtherHaul radios provide short-distance, wide-bandwidth connections within the licensed E-band spectrum using all-silicon technology and a price point that is about one-third that of their competitors.

Siklu, based near Tel Aviv, Israel, plans to exhibit at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain this coming February 25-28. The company supplies backhaul communications links for Long Term Evolution (LTE) and other cellular systems using 60-GHz V-band and 70-to-80-GHz E-band frequencies. Chief Executive Officer Itzik Ben-Bassat notes that the company tries to provide diversified offerings at millimeter-wave frequencies: “Along with our E-band frequency-division-duplex and time-division duplex systems and antennas, Siklu offers the smallest form factor V-band products, leading the path to small cell backhaul deployments. We are essentially a one-stop millimeter-wave shop.”

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